About us


Determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war...
(from the UN Charter)


The United Nations Association of Serbia is a non-governmental and non-political organization, founded in Belgrade in 1952. The Association is a member of the World Federation of UN Associations (WFUNA). WFUNA was founded in 1946 as a ”peoples’ movement in support of the United Nations”. WFUNA brings together UN Associations from more than 100 countries.

The main mission of the United Nations Association of Serbia is promotion of ideals and support for the goals and activities of the United Nations.

The United Nations Association of Serbia works on informing its membership and the public in general about the United Nations system and on organising educational and other programmes in accordance with the UN Charter goals and principles. It also acts on raising public awareness about the significance of cooperation between nations and countries in peace maintenance, respect for the human rights and overall development and progress in the world.

The United Nations Association of Serbia has individual and collective membership, and coordinates work of about 120 United Nations Clubs at schools and faculties in Serbia.

THE BASIC GOALS of the United Nations Associations of Serbia are:

  • to stimulate the Association’s membership and public in general to support  the principles and goals of the UN;
  • to plead for peace maintenance, respect for human rights and freedoms, environment protection, equal cooperation among nations and countries and for sustainable development and progress in the world;
  • to promote tolerance, understanding, solidarity and cooperation among all the people in the world, regardless of their race, sex, nationality, religion or political orientation;
  • to stimulate research, information and education about international affairs and the UN system’s work;
  • to contribute to getting familiar with the UN system and the work of the UN centers in the world, as well as with UN member countries and world natural and cultural heritage;
  • to work on establishing and improving the work of UN Clubs and Association of UN Clubs.


THE METHODS OF WORK of the United Nations Association of Serbia are:

  • organising round tables, seminars, gatherings, workshops, exhibitions, contests, presentations, campaigns, study visits and other projects about the UN work;
  • preparing and distributes publications about the UN;
  • marking international days and years proclaimed by the UN, organizes and stimulates actions of support for the UN goals and activities;
  • helping in forming UN Clubs and prepares thematic materials and different projects for the UN Clubs’ activities;
  • cooperation with organisations within the UN system, other UN Associations and non-governmental organisations in the world and in our country.


Activities of the movement for the United Nations in the world and in our country are based on the conviction that every individual, as a part of one country’s nation, and nation itself as a part of the mankind, are forces that can influence the reviving of goals and principles contained in the UN Charter, through its support and positive attitude.