BIMUN 2024 Participants1BIMUN 2024 - OVERVIEW

* BIMUN - 14 March

  After the registration of the participants and the training session, the BIMUN 2024 Conference was   
  officially opened in the Palace of Serbia with distinguished guest speakers from the Ministry of Foreign
  Affairs 🇷🇸 @mfaserbia and the United Nations in Serbia (@un_serbia , @undp_serbia , @unhcrserbia ,
  @unfpaserbia , @unicefsrbija ). 🇺🇳

  On behalf of the UN Association of Serbia as the organizer of BIMUN 2024, Mr. Stefan Kondić
  (@stefankondic93 ), President of the Advisory Board @una_serbia , wished successful work to 220
  delegates from various parts of Serbia and esteemed participants from 20 countries from multiple
  continents. 🌐

  The theme of the BIMUN 2024 conference is "Multilateral solutions for a better tomorrow: the world, the
  future, youth" and current UN topics will be discussed in 6️⃣ BIMUN 2024 committees: Security
  Council Crisis Committee, Human Rights Council, UN Population Fund (UNFPA), UN Refugees
  Agency (UNHCR), UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and UN Development Program (UNDP).

  After the grand opening of BIMUN 2024, the Plenary Session took place, followed by an exciting start
  to the work of the BIMUN committees. The day ended with a Welcome dinner and National
  presentation of delegates, filled with dance and entertainment. 🎶

  🇺🇳 During the BIMUN UNFPA Plenary Session, delegates had the opportunity to hear a great speech
  from Mr. John Kennedy Mosoti, Director @unfpaserbia , on the topic of building youth resilience in
  conflict and post-conflict environments. The speech was well-received by the delegates, who
  applauded and had many interesting questions. 👏

  ✔️ We are very proud that this year’s BIMUN has a UNFPA committee with motivated delegates. 🌐

* BIMUN - 15 March
The third day of BIMUN 2024 commenced with Plenary Sessions in the grand hall of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

🇺🇳 During the BIMUN plenary session with @unhcrserbia, our guest speaker was Mr. Soufiane Adjali, the UNHCR Representative in Serbia 🇷🇸, who spoke to us about the refugee crisis and their experiences. Delegates had an excellent opportunity for a deeper understanding of UNHCR's objectives. 👏

✔️ BIMUN is proud to have UNHCR Committee with motivated delegates. 🌐

During the BIMUN plenary session with @unicefsrbija UNICEF experts Mr. Marko Rakić, Youth & Adolescents Development Officer, and Ms. Lidija Keser, Consultant, delivered insightful speeches on climate change, sustainable solutions, and youth engagement. 👏

✔️ BIMUN is proud to have UNICEF Committee with motivated delegates. 🌐

* BIMUN - 16 March
Delegates of the BIMUN 2024 conference worked in 6 committees and discussed current topics on the UN agenda:
• Security Council Crisis Committee (SCCC): The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question,
• Human Rights Council (HRC): Violation of human rights due to civil wars in Africa,
• United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA): Building youth resilience in conflict and post-conflict environments,
• UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF): The effects of Climate Change on the children and the youth,
• UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR): Refugees’ Access to Jobs and Financial Services
• UN Development Programme (UNDP): Accelerating the implementation of the Agenda 2030 in times of global crisis. 🇺🇳
👉 In accordance with the UN Rules of Procedure, delegates incorporated proposals from the debate into the final documents on each BIMUN committee's topic🌐

* BIMUN - 17 March
The final day of #BIMUN2024 began with a Plenary Session featuring guest speaker Ms. Ivana Antonijević, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Youth, who spoke about the Ministry's support for youth participation and engagement. Mr. Mihajlo Matković, Serbian UN Youth Delegate, discussed youth opportunities, sharing his experiences and offering useful advice to young delegates. 

 After the introductory speech delivered by Mr. Stefan Kondić @stefankondic93 , President of the Advisory Board of the UN Association of Serbia, BIMUN team members presented the work of the committees and the resolutions on the topics that were discussed in the previous days in six BIMUN committees.
One delegate from each committee was awarded with the best delegate award for their outstanding performance. 

 Delegates agreed that the 21st BIMUN conference - BIMUN 2024 organized by the @una_serbia was an unforgettable experience. This included:
• 225 Young talented minds from Serbia and 20 countries
• 6 UN Committees over 5 days of the conference
• 5 inspiring Plenary Sessions with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and Youth and UN Agencies in Serbia. 

 Thank you to all members of the organizing team, volunteers, and guests, as well as partners and sponsors, for being part of BIMUN 2024! 
Congratulations to all delegates on an extraordinary contribution to the success of the conference and we hope that the new BIMUN friendships will last for a long time.
Witnessing so many smiles, newly created friendships and memories, your personal and professional development, and the way that you safeguard and promote UN values is our biggest success. 

 Welcome to the next #BIMUN2025!